Curious about pastels but not sure where to start? I have my personal list of favorite pastel art supplies linked below.

If you are interested in exploring different pastel brands, look no further! I have listed the majority of large international pastel manufacturers and smaller U.S.-based manufacturers available as of 2023. Color charts are available to download in the right column. Additional notes are provided at the bottom of this page. These tables along with notes are available to download as a PDF (last updated March 9, 2023).

Update: As more feedback from artists are received and processed, the tables below will be updated as the first priority. The PDF linked above will be updated periodically with the date of the last revision posted.

Pastel Pencil List

BrandProduct LinePriceColor RangeOpen StockLightfastness RangeProduct Information
BruynzeelPastel Pencil $$48YesClick to Download
Caran d’AchePastel Pencil$$$81Yes2* to 5* (Blue Wool Scale)Click to Download
ContePastel Pencil$$50Yes1* to 4*Click to Download
CretacolorFine Art Pastel$$72YesLF2 (Xenontest)Click to Download
DerwentPastel Pencil $$72Yes2 to 8 (Blue Wool Scale)Click to Download
Faber-CastellPITT Pastel Pencil$$60Yes1* to 3*Click to Download
General’sPastel Chalk Pencil $36YesVisit Manufacturer Site
Koh-I-NoorGioconda Soft Pastel Pencil $$48No2* to 5*Click to Download
StabiloCarbOthello Pastel Pencil$$60Yes0 to 5*Click to Download

Pastel Stick List

BrandProduct LinePastel TypePrice Color RangeOpen StockLightfastness Range Product Information
Art Spectrum Extra Soft PastelRound$$$12YesClick to Download
Art Spectrum Colourfix Soft Round Pastel Round$$$20YesClick to Download
Art Spectrum Soft Round Pastel Stick Round$$$154Yes2* to 4*Click to Download
Art Spectrum Extra Soft Square PastelSquare$$$$180YesClick to Download
BlockxPastelRound$$204YesClick to Download
Blue Earth PastelsPastel Square$$357YesClick to Download
ConteSoft PastelRound$$50Yes1* to 4*Click to Download
CretacolorCarre Hard PastelSquare$$72YesLF2 (Xenontest)Click to Download
Daler-Rowney Artists’ Soft PastelRound$$186No1* to 4*Click to Download
Diane TownsendThin Line PastelRound$$64NoVisit Manufacturer Site
Diane TownsendTerrages PastelRectangle$$$192YesVisit Manufacturer Site
Diane TownsendSoft Form PastelRound$$408YesVisit Manufacturer Site
Faber-CastellGoldfaber Studio Soft PastelSquare$70NoClick to Download
General’sMultiPastel Compressed Pastel ChalkSquare$24NoNot Available
GiraultPastelRound$$$300YesClick to Download
Great American ArtworksSoft PastelSquare$$$546YesVisit Manufacturer Site
Henri RochePastelRound$$$$1688YesVisit Manufacturer Site
HolbeinArtists’ Soft PastelSquare$$$144Yes0* to 3*Click to Download
Jackson’sHandmade Soft PastelRound$$200Yes1* to 4*Click to Download
Mount VisionPastelRound$$462YesVisit Manufacturer Site
Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Soft PastelsSquare$70NoClick to Download
Mungyo Gallery Semi-Hard PastelsSquare$120NoClick to Download
Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Hand-Made Soft PastelsRound$$$200No1* to 3*Click to Download
Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Extra Fine Soft PastelsRound$200NoClick to Download
PanPastelPastelPan$$$$92Yes2* to 4*Click to Download
PrismacolorNuPastel Square$96NoClick to Download
RembrandtSoft PastelRound$$$218Yes0* to 3* (ASTM D4303)Click to Download
Richeson Yarka PastelsRound$$60NoNot Available
Richeson Medium-Soft Half-StickRound$120NoClick to Download
Richeson Semi-Hard Square PastelsSquare$120NoClick to Download
Richeson Handmade Full StickRound$$$120NoClick to Download
Richeson Hand-Rolled Soft PastelsRound$$504YesClick to Download
SchminckePastellRound$$$400Yes0 to 5*Click to Download
Sennelier Soft Pastel PebblesPebble$$$$24Yes1* to 3*Color Chart Download &
Pigment Info
Sennelier Grande Soft PastelRound$$$$62Yes1* to 3*Color Chart Download &
Pigment Info
Sennelier Extra Soft PastelRound$$$525Yes1* to 3*Color Chart Download &
Pigment Info
Terry Ludwig Pastel StickSquare$$$750Yes8 (Blue Wool Scale) Visit Manufacturer Site
UnisonLarge Soft PastelRound$$$$108Yes7 to 8Click to Download
UnisonSoft PastelRound$$$380Yes7 to 8Click to Download

Pastel Notes

  1. Product Line: Manufacturers may produce multiple pastel product lines with varying textures (soft, medium, hard), size (regular stick vs. jumbo stick), or quality (artist vs. student). Typically, high quality professional art supplies will be priced 2-3x more than student quality supplies, and will be labeled as “artists’” to differentiate the quality.  
  2. Pastel Firmness: Pastel sticks are categorized into 3 main divisions: soft, medium, and hard. The firmness of a pastel is determined by its ingredients and how the pastel is shaped. If a pastel is hand-rolled (formed by hand), it is typically classified as soft. This post by Dakota Pastels ranks 17 of the 39 listed pastel sticks. 
  3. Open Stock: If colors are sold individually, the product is sold “open stock.” 
  4. Lightfastness: I encourage all artists to consider factoring in the importance of longevity of their artwork to minimize fading over time. Lightfastness is an extra step some brands perform (either by testing their finished products with controlled UV exposure or selecting ingredients that have known light-resistance properties). If testing methods are disclosed by the manufacturer, I have included it in parentheses. 
  5. Availability: Small manufacturers may have their products sold in a limited number of retailers and/or directly through their company website. For example, Terry Ludwig based in Colorado, USA has sets available through several U.S. retailers, but only sells open stock colors through their website. European-based manufacturers may have export restrictions on specific sets or products.
  6. Half-Sticks: Pastel sticks are available in half-stick format from select manufacturers. I personally recommend buying an assorted half-stick set or 6-12 open stock colors before committing to larger purchases. Half-sticks are not sold open stock.
    • The following brands offer half-stick assorted sets: Art Spectrum, Great American, Heri Roche, Rembrandt, Richeson, Sennelier, Schmincke, Unison.
  7. Cost: The price listed in dollar signs ($ to $$$$) is based on the retail price (MSRP) per unit of pastel (1 pencil or 1 stick) as of March 2023. If the pastel line is only sold in sets, an average price per unit was calculated based on sets available.
Pastel PencilsPastel Sticks
$ = less than $2 USD$ = less than $2 USD
$$ = $2 to $4 USD$$ = $2 to $5 USD
$$$ = $4 to $6 USD$$$ = $5 to $8 USD
$$$$ = $6 USD or more$$$$ = $8 USD or more

Disclaimer: The information is accurate to my knowledge as of March 2023. However companies are known to expand/downsize color ranges and reformulate colors. If you have information which conflicts with the items shown here please use the Contact Form.

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